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Four Corners Regional Study

The Four Corners Regional Study was initiated and funded by the San Juan Forum, in cooperation with the San Juan Economic Development Service and Region 9 EDD. The goal of this study is to define the Four Corners Region as a discrete economic unit and identify issues and strategies that cross-cut state, county and tribal boundaries. Ideally this information will enable decision-makers to identify regional challenges, coordinate regional resources, and develop regional policies. The project is intended as a baseline study that will ultimately promote economic development and opportunity, and balance resources through sound management of development.

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Tourism Study on Employment in the Southwest Colorado Travel Region

This Tourism Study was prepared under a cost share agreement between the U.S. Forest Service and the Southwest Colorado Travel Region. Region 9 EDD also contributed $2,000 to the project. The study hopes to develop a better understanding of the recreational and tourism activities that provide employment within the Southwest Colorado Travel Region. The study was designed to build on the work that the USDA Forest Service, Colorado Tourism Office and the Bureau of Land Management have been working on in partnership with the Colorado Department of Local Affairs to better define the economic impact of tourism on a county-by-county basis.

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Data Reports: Economic Drivers
2007 Dolores County Housing Needs Assessment

At the request of the Dolores County Commissioners and Region 9, Information Services was contracted to provide the background for a housing needs assessment for three communities in Dolores County including Cahone, Dove Creek and Rico. The goal of the assessment is to provide information that will be used to develop public polices and housing programs; identify resources for housing; and help plan for future housing impacts and growth. This study incorporates information from the Colorado Demography Section, The Census Bureau, the Colorado Division of Housing and the Bureau of Economic Analysis. At the local level, the Housing Authority of Montezuma & Dolores Counties, Montezuma County Assessors, town officials, social service agencies, real estate professionals, and local citizens were also consulted. As part of this work, a household survey was conducted in the fall of 2006 in each community and this report represents the findings.

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2006 Retail Data for Decision Makers

This report uses retail sales data to provide insight for decision making regarding business expansion, relocation and marketing. The overall goal is to begin identifying surpluses and leakages within retail sales sectors in the region.

An Excel worksheet with NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) codes is also provided for those who would like more detail about the kinds of businesses included in the retail sector.



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Listening to Business

The 2010 Listening to Business study was sponsored by the El Pomar Foundation in collaboration with the western Colorado economic development organizations. As a participant in that study, Region 9 interviewed 20 businesses during the first quarter of 2010. The businesses were located in Montezuma and La Plata counties.

Listening to Business Survey - Region 9

Listening to Business Survey - Western Slope

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