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SCAPE Announces 2016 Companies

February 18, 2016

Meet our New Entrepreneurs

Join us Thursday, March 10 from 4-6pm
SCAPE 1211 Main Avenue #1 Durango, CO

SCAPE is proud to present the 2016 companies! These companies will be in residence at SCAPE
for the next 6 months while they are incubated and accelerated by the program.

The CattleFit monitor is a wearable device designed to track the health of beef cattle. CattleFit uses wireless technology to monitor and transmit the vital signs of an animal to a computer, laptop, smart phone or tablet. CattleFit is designed to significantly reduce feedlot deaths through the early detection of illness in cattle and reduce the need for the blanket use of antibiotics in feedlot animals.
David Poussard - CEO and Founder, has a Bachelor of Science from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia and a Masters of Entrepreneurship from the University of Otago, New Zealand. David spent his younger years growing up on a sheep farm, where his father was an agricultural scientist. David is the founder of Snowtrainers, a successful international snowsports training business which he sold in 2008.

Epic Magazine
E.P.I.C. Empowering People, Inspiring Community, LLC.
E.P.I.C. is a local, bi-monthly Conscious Living & LOHAS Magazine that emphasizes community education, empowerment & inspiration. E.P.I.C. is a magazine with a mission! The mission of E.P.I.C. is to educate, empower and inspire individuals and communities to make conscious decisions about living a healthy, sustainable and spiritual lifestyle; raising awareness of how choices and actions impact ourselves, others and the planet.
Lisa Byrne holds a B.A. in Business Administration and graduated cum laude from Rider University.
Laurie Gambacorta is a Phi Beta Kappa, cum laude graduate of William Smith College. She holds a B.A. in Women's Studies.
Lisa and Laurie are entrepreneurs, co-founders of Solutions For Daily Living Inc., H2O Holistic Health Options, and E.P.I.C. Magazine.

Elder Friends Network
Elder Friends Network connects paid social-emotional caregivers with lonely elderly, using technology to connect and facilitate in-person visits. Focusing solely on social/emotional needs, not medical or personal care, EFN creates an easy entry point for individuals to become Friends (our name for the caregivers) and to earn income. The network builds a sharing economy network, connecting those with time to those with an urgent need, and creating new earnings potential for individuals.
Jan Phillips has senior management experience with balanced training, facilitation, communication and office management skills. Jan is a certified Intrinsic Coach. Most recently, Jan has become a trained Hospice Volunteer for Hospice of Mercy, Centura Health.
Holly Shure brings expertise in finances and accounting, honed through her business (Shure Books) and as an accountant for Exetor Group, and is accomplished in financial modeling, financial reporting, as well as daily accounting routines. Holly is a cum laude graduate of the University of Colorado.

Zaparataz products, Inc.
Zaparataz Products, Inc. is a Durango based product development company. Beginning with the introduction of the Zaparataz (TM) Brand Ergonomic Trimmer (Patent Pending), the company will create innovative products that help resolve industrial and social challenges. The trimmer is designed to increase harvest production as it relates to plant trimming. Currently greenhouse workers must use common manual scissors to perform this task which is very labor intensive, tedious work. The Zaparataz will accelerate trim times and help prevent repetitive motion injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome.
Terry Sandefur has over 25 years of industrial tool sales experience. After learning that a growing industry was in need of motorized scissoring type device, he designed and purpose built a prototype that will increase plant harvest.

Company Highlights
- Pretty Cool was selected by Amazon for their Launchpad program.
- RuffPuppies collar is worn by the dog on the TV show Modern Family!
- Unlimited Controls has changed their name to Impyrium and completed their first contract.
- Sit-Ins has engaged a new partner to help expand in the music market.
Economic Developer of the Year Award
John Wolgamott was named the 2015 Economic Development Leader of the Year by the Region 9 Economic Development District Board of Directors. Wolgamott was recognized for his dedicated work with SCAPE. He is drawn to mentorship because he enjoys helping others create jobs.

Enterprise Zone Extended
SCAPE's Enterprise Zone designation was extended for 2016. Donors of $250 or more can receive a Colorado State Income Tax credit of 25% of the contribution.

SCAPE is the Southwest Colorado Accelerator Program for Entrepreneurs. Our mission is to help create more high growth, job creating companies in Southwest Colorado; by providing education, mentoring, and access to funding for startups and early stage companies.

2 1/2 years old SCAPE Program
10 companies launched
26 jobs created
$2,820,000 raised by companies

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